Beginning of the Chapter “You Got My Attention”

“The cold salt water was up to our calves.  It was rising slowly, but rising nonetheless.  Both Dad and I had on chest waders and neither of us would have given the height of the rising water a second thought, except for the fact that, where we were standing, the water level for half a mile in every direction was neck deep.  To be exact, the two of us were shoulder to shoulder in a curtain blind behind the Outer Banks of North Carolina, in the middle of Croatan Sound.  Hunting from such a strange contraption was quite new to both of us.  The delicious mixture of danger, the adventure of the unknown, and the anticipation of my first goose hunt had me shivering.”

This hunting story, “You Got My Attention”, can be found in the book Ten Was The Deal.


Passage from the Chapter “Bigger Fish To Fry”

“In the country it is proper etiquette for the youngest in the pickup truck or car to get out and open and close the gate.  No young person, girl or boy, raised in the country, would ever think of sitting still as the vehicle approached a closed gate.  They would immediately hop out to undo the gate and then close it back.”

This passage appears in the chapter “Bigger Fish to Fry” in the book Ten was the Deal.


Excerpt from Ten Was the Deal – A Collection of Outdoor Stories

“The small building had that quiet, cluttered feel of all country stores.  It offered just about anything you could imagine for a day on the lake.  There were shelves of brightly hand-painted corks, display cards of black-and-white porcupine quill floats, and hooks in small die cut boxes either all the same size or in assortments.  There were sinkers of all shapes and sizes from the smallest split shot on up.  An array of various length shellacked cane poles hung in racks from the wooden rafters.  There were small glass jars of dyed pork rind in black, green, and dark purple colors.  There were cardboard displays of white and yellow Shyster spinning baits.  Glass-front cabinets held boxes of individual plugs like Jitter Bugs, Hawaiian Wigglers, River Runts, and Pal-O-Mine Minnows.  It was a place where a fisherman could spend hours.”

This passage is found in the chapter “Bigger Fish to Fry” from the book Ten Was the Deal.