“The writing of John Faris exudes reality, seizes the reader’s heart, and takes us delightfully to fields and waters of dreams. This is relaxed literature on the outdoors in the vein of Babcock, Rutledge, and Ruark in his ‘Old Man’ pieces.”

– Jim Casada, Renowned Author, Sporting Classics Magazine Editor-at-Large and Book Columnist

Knee Deep In Fish

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by Jim Casada

The Tide Flows Out

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by Jim Casada

First Two Collection

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by Jim Casada

We’ll Do It Tomorrow

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Review of We'll Do It Tomorrow

Ten Was The Deal

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Hits Home

This book was given to me as a gift and it really hit home. The book is a collection of short stories based around the hunting and fishing adventure of the author while growing up in the south.

The stories are as genuine as they would be if you were hearing it straight out of the author’s mouth while sitting around a campfire.

Anyone that loves good storytelling and the outdoors will enjoy this book. I plan to give a few away as gifts this Christmas.

       Luke P.

A Feel Good Book for All!

I am not a hunter or fisher but I truly enjoyed the stories and the love that pours from this book! I can feel the outdoors, hear the sounds and appreciate the outdoors and all its wonders!

Robert I.

Must Read for Every Outdoorsman

This is a phenomenal book of hunting and fishing stories in the south. It truly gives you the feeling that you are there with the author experiencing each one of his fishing or hunting adventures. It is a must read for every outdoor sports enthusiast.

Al F.

For EVERY Hunter and Fisherman

Oh, my goodness! I originally bought 3 copies. I read the book and then gave all three away as gifts. I bought 3 more for Christmas gifts! I would love to purchase one for every male friend I know. I am the daughter of a “coon” hunter, and I loved the stories AND the illustrations.

Trumpet V.

Sharing the Experience

The book was a Christmas gift for my husband who is an avid outdoorsman. He said it made him feel as if he were there sharing the hunting and fishing experiences with the author. As with any good book, it was a let down when he finished it. . . like losing a good friend.

Jane D.

I was really pleased with this book

I got [Ten Was The Deal] having never read any of the author’s work previously. I was hooked from the first story. I’m at the age that I enjoy a good book involving hunting and fishing but don’t really enjoy “how to” or “bragging” books. The author grew up in the same time frame south as my father did and I can relate to a lot of the stories, people and country although we lived in a different southern state.

If you enjoy books such as [Robert Ruark’s] “The Old Man and the Boy” you’ll enjoy this one too!

I have his other works on my “must buy” list.

       Brent R.