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Ten Was The Deal book Review by Jim Casada

Ten Was The Deal book Review by Jim Casada


Have you read Ten Was The Deal?  I’d like to know what you thought.  You can send me your comments here.  Thanks to all that have taken the time to write.  I enjoy reading all your letters and emails.  Keep them coming!

Comments from readers:

“Hey John, just wanted to let you know how much I loved your book.  It was truly wonderful. The more I read, I realized it is not just about hunting and fishing.  To me, it showed how much a man really loves his family….  Next time I get to [town], you need to tell me what ever happened to Savannah, and to the French teacher.  I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants.  I LOVED YOUR BOOK.”  Chapin, SC

“Your book is a prize-winner, and you should do all you can to get it in the hands of those who love what we do.  And do it again.”  F.C.

“…I read the entire book and have been reflecting on each chapter ever since.  TEN WAS THE DEAL is the one that grabbed me and won’t let go….however, your beautiful beginning message ‘To the Reader’ hit so close to home that it will remain there for me long into the future…  Keep up your storytelling…”  H.F., Texas

“I would like to say thanks for a great book. I am a 41 year old hunter and fisherman. Many of my greatest childhood memories are hunting and fishing in northern Pennsylvania with my father.I’m not typically a book reader, but my dad got your book for me as a christmas gift. I read the first short story and was “hooked”. I hope that many people get a chance to read “ten was the deal”. Thanks again, I really enjoyed your book.”  Benton, Kansas

“As a female, I had no idea how much I DID’NT know there was to learn about hunting and fishing… I savored it through the Christmas holidays and finished the last story today, the first day of 2014.  It was a terrific read!  Every detail came alive off the pages as I enjoyed every expedition.”

“I´ve so far really enjoyed your vibrant storytelling and I still have few stories left to read. Even though your environment is bit unlike what we are used to up here, your experience reminds me a lot of my childhoods outdoor and fishing experiences I had along with my dad and granddad. The thrill and the excitement is always the same I believe”  Reykjavik, Iceland

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“Great read. These stories reminded me of my own younger days as a boy hunting and fishing and enjoying the beauty of God’s nature. Unusual and captivating. Anxiously looking forward to his next book.”  J.H.

“Return to your youth with this delightful collection of hunting and fishing stories recounted by a young man coming of age under the guidance of a loving father … while discovering girls along the way.”  LaGrange, GA


In the Press:

I was honored to be included in a list of “Sporting Gifts for the Yuletide Season” written by Jim Casada:

“The work is a memoir revolving around the kind of life many of us have known under the fond tutelage of a parent and mentor. Warm and winsome, Faris’s book is reminiscent of Robert Ruark’s timeless tales in “The Old Man and the Boy.”  While no one can match Ruark, Faris weaves a tale in a most fetching way.”

My good friend Kirk Neely wrote the following in the Herald-Journal Weekly:

“John is an outdoorsman as well as a Southern storyteller. He was reared in Laurens, , in the 1950s and ’60s. He cherishes family and friends and enjoys adventures as a sportsman. Now John has written a book. “Ten Was the Deal: Southern Hunting and Fishing Stories” is a collection of 10 of his stories. More than a book of adventures about hunting and fishing, this volume is about coming of age in the South. It has all of the enchantment of yarns spun while sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck; all of the lore of tales told around a campfire….

“Ten Was the Deal” should be a fixture in every hunting and fishing lodge across America. It should be by the bedside of every sportsman. Packed with Southern charm and down-home humor, this book is one you will return to again and again.

I have read John’s book from cover to cover. These stories will often make you laugh out loud. Some of these stories will bring a tear to your eye. I intend to give several copies as Christmas presents. Sportsman or not, if you enjoy a good story, you will love “Ten Was the Deal: Southern Hunting and Fishing Stories.” I highly recommend it to you.”

Thanks to Lee Stokes of The Island Packet for these encouraging words:

“Worthwhile Read A little-known but highly promising author named John Faris Jr. has written a book that should be required reading for fishing enthusiasts of the Lowcountry.  Faris, a native of South Carolina, is an accomplished outdoorsman on the fishing and hunting scene…His passion for outdoor sports is reflected in his book “Ten Was The Deal” and I challenge any of the same era to match his passion or his wit.  This book should be a definite on your reading list this winter season and is a must for any outdoor library.”


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