Reviews of We’ll Do It Tomorrow

I was very excited to be included in a list of gift ideas by outdoor writer Jim Casada in The Herald:

“There are, as is always the case this time of year, plenty of new books out that might be of interest. The first one I’ll mention is by John P. Faris, Jr., “We’ll Do It Tomorrow: Southern Hunting and Fishing Stories.” This is the second story venture by the South Carolina upstate native, with the first being “Ten Was the Deal. Faris spins fine yarns, and if you read the title story to this book and aren’t (1) misty-eyed and (2) resolved to do today what tomorrow might never bring, then you’ve got a hole in your soul.”


From readers…

“I finished reading your latest book…It was the type book that I could hardly wait to read the next story.  The story  about WILLIAM was so sad but a story we can all take away a life lesson reminding us life is so fragile.  I thought ” A Lot of Bull ” was so funny. Growing up on a farm, I could relate to the humor in that episode.  “$10,000 Tarpon” had such a surprise ending. I was amazed at all the planning that went into that fishing expedition….I look forward to the next book. – Greenwood, SC


You can also read reviews of my book Ten Was The Deal.